2015 Snohomish Wedding Tour

Attention All Brides!!! Whether you’re getting married this summer, next summer or the summer after that, the Snohomish Wedding Tour (May 31st from 10am-5pm) is an event you won’t want to miss. Consider yourself personally invited by the Alyssa Hoffman Event team, and grab your mom, sister, best friend or fiancé and head on over to the link (at the end of my rant) to purchase your 5 DOLLAR ticket!!! Can I hear someone say 5 dollars??? Believe me, for an inside look into this wedding seasons top trends…this is a steal of a deal!!
-End rant- http://www.mysnohomishwedding.com/purchase-tour-tickets/ purchase

Now for a shameless plug at the two venues we are personally participating at-

Craven Farm-
You may have visited Craven Farm this last fall for your family pumpkin picking extravaganza- but Craven Farm is also an incredibly established wedding venue! With stunning landscaping and a beautiful barn, this is a must- see venue. This year Alyssa Hoffman Events is transforming Craven Farm into a French Countryside inspired wedding. You’ll find cascading florals and intricate table scapes. Lavender macarons and chalk art calligraphy. It’s a fresh take on a classic theme- whimsical and organic. Check out our design board below.

Craven Farms Design Board-3 copy 2

Maroni Meadows
If you want your guests to experience a private whimsical escape at your wedding, there is no doubt you must visit Maroni Meadows during the Snohomish Wedding Tour. The venue features lush gardens surrounded by enchanting forests. Alyssa Hoffman events will be transforming this already beautiful venue into a colorful farmers market inspired wedding. You’ll find new and inventive twists on classic floral arrangements and a bounty of unique ideas. This too is a must-see.

Maroni Meadows 2015 Design Board copy

We are so excited for the tour, and truly hope to meet you at one of these amazing venues! Happy Planning!!

Xo Heather

Jenna Bechtholt Photography

One of the biggest decisions to be made during the wedding planning process surrounds the photographer. Lucky for you, we have had the pleasure of getting to know Jenna Bechtholt this wedding season. Newly relocated from Los Angeles, she is a fresh pair of eyes for our Seattle area and she might be exactly the photographer you are looking for. She produces spectacular work while maintaining such a cool and calm air about her. Let’s be honest- she’s the type of photographer you just want to go to coffee and hang out with, even after all the wedding checks have been signed and deposited…yeah she’s that good 😉 Take a peak at the interview we had together and then follow the link at the end of the interview to view her full website!

Have a happy weekend xo


How did you get into photography?

I have always loved photography. There is something so honest and wonderful about being able to freeze a moment in time. Growing up I would carry around a disposable camera with me and document my friends, the places that I went and things that I wanted to remember. Looking back at those photos now I am so glad that I did because those little memories mean so much to me now! I ended up graduating from college and was on my way to graduate school when I decided I was tired of reading about abstract thoughts and people doing things — I wanted to be the one doing things! The creative side of me was really egging me on to get back into photography. I ended up falling in love with weddings and the rest is history.

How would you describe your photography style?

I like to take a simple and relaxed approach to photographing weddings as well as lifestyle sessions. I’m not there to direct and create perfectly staged pictures, rather I choose to document the day as it naturally unfolds and capture the special moments and details present. I would also say that I specialize in natural light photography meaning that I prefer to use the light of the day when photographing my couples! In my opinion, natural light is the best way to give images a bright and dreamy aesthetic, which is the look and feel I aim to achieve, and when you add a bit of romance to that combination you get a stunning end result!

What’s your favorite part about being a wedding photographer? 

The best part of my job is getting the chance to meet so many happy couples and learn all about their unique relationship — how they met, where they fell in love, how he popped the question, and the list goes on. I particularly love that these people start off as strangers and quickly become my friends and that they allow me to be apart of such a special time in their lives.


Seattle Wedding Photography Seattle Wedding Photographer6 Seattle Wedding Photographer5 Seattle Wedding Photographer4 Seattle Wedding Photographer3 Seattle Wedding Photographer2 Seattle Wedding Photographer

Wedding Trends

Alyssa Hoffman Events2015 has already been an incredible year for the wedding world. Brides are diving into their individuality and really pushing for their unique styles to shine through to each guest at their wedding. This makes wedding trends exciting, because there really aren’t any rules! Before we share some of our favorite 2015 styles however, we wanted to make note that “the color experts at Pantone… named Marsala — a ‘naturally robust and earthy wine red’ — the color of the year for 2015. ” (bridalguide.com) So here is your challenge! How can you incorporate the versatile Marsala into your wedding plans? Check out our brides below and notice the subtle hints of marsala, or imagine where they could be.

Alyssa Hoffman Events

The Organic Bride- one of my personal favorites is the organic bride. This bride tends to be softer in her color choices- using lots of off whites, muted greens and other neutrals. This bride generally will emphasize her florals and fill her wedding with greenery. (psst- there’s a little marsala peaking through in her flower crown)

Alyssa Hoffman EventsAlyssa Hoffman Events

The Royal Bride- this 2015 bride takes a new twist on sophistication and class. We have found that our brides that lean more toward the “high class” look are also loving the trendy florals and table scapes. This leaves us with a lovely combination of royal colors (ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blues) and often outdoor organics. (Check out the marsala in her bouquet!)


Happy planning lovelies! And don’t forget to let your unique style shine through at your wedding! xo Heather

Do you need a “First Look”?

Breaking traditional trends, the concept of a “first look” is becoming significantly more and more popular in today’s wedding scene. The idea behind a first look is to provide a private moment before the ceremony for the groom to see his bride. This is certainly a generational trend, but there are plenty of reasons why it is beneficial and often preferred. So I thought it might be helpful to share some of those with you-

  • Your photographer/videographer will LOVE you. Having a first look will free up so much of your day to take pictures. Without a first look your picture time is condensed to your cocktail hour and maybeee a couple pictures during reception if you manage to sneak away from your guests (not likely). This can make your pictures feel rushed and potentially incomplete if anything goes wrong.
  • You get to spend more time with your soon-to-be spouse on your wedding day! So many people have said that the wedding goes by in such a blur and you don’t even get to spend most of it with the one you’re marrying! A first look gives you that opportunity to spend the day together AND have the emotional moment of seeing each other for the first time.
  • A first look can ease your nerves. The anticipation of your wedding day can be stressful enough without the pressure of waiting for the big reveal down the aisle.
  • For those grooms who have always envisioned seeing their blushing bride for the first time walking down the aisle, don’t fear! Almost every groom that we ask says that seeing their lady in white for the first time prior to the ceremony doesn’t change their emotion of seeing her walk down the aisle. Most tell us that it is in fact a completely different feeling!

Like I said, first looks are becoming more and more popular, and hopefully I was able to explain what makes this trend desirable!  Check out some of our couples big first look moment along with the creative idea that Marissa used to prolong the “viewing” process for Connor! Happy planning! xo Heather

Heather + Denver- Robinswood House – Real Weddings

When Alyssa asked me to write up a blog about my wedding I could not have been more thrilled! Who doesn’t love talking about their perfect day? So here it is- I got married this past July at the Robinswood House in Bellevue, WA. I decided on an enchanted garden theme. I wanted people to feel light and whimsical when entering my venue. I wanted everyone to experience nothing but joy throughout the entire ceremony. If our guests were not laughing- heck if I wasn’t laughing it would not feel like my wedding day. I am happy to say that I would not change a thing about my enchanted and joy filled day. Enjoy -xoxo

p66119317-5 p406644742-5 p306054531-5heatherdenver-wedding-0421heatherdenver-wedding-0009heatherdenver-wedding-0124p46477132-3heatherdenver-wedding-0091heatherdenver-wedding-0578p232385942-4p190244359-3RF2_3033p493936085-5        p261510766-4 heatherdenver-wedding-0752heatherdenver-wedding-0435 heatherdenver-wedding-0725  heatherdenver-wedding-0457 heatherdenver-wedding-0368 heatherdenver-wedding-0680heatherdenver-wedding-0720


Venue- Robinswood House

Photographer- Ryan Flynn Photography

Dress Designer- Hayley Paige

Caterer- Deru Market

Flowers- Metropolitan Market

Makeup Artist- Makeup With Me

Day Of Coordinator- Michelle Traina

Design Coordinator- Heather from Alyssa Hoffman Events

Do you really need a videographer!?

Alyssa Hoffman Events

One of the most recent trending topics in the wedding industry is the importance (or lack there of) of a wedding videographer. In fact I find myself having this discussion with most of my brides, so I figured it’s time for this topic to be addressed! So let’s be real- the debate comes down to money. Is a videographer worth my money? Why do I need a videographer when I already spent so much on a photographer? Don’t photographers and videographers basically capture the same moments? Well, the fact is there isn’t a black or white answer- I can only share from my own experiences. So here it is- a videographer is completely different from a photographer, and let me tell you why. Yes photographers and videographers may capture some of the same visual moments- but a photographer will never capture the inflection in your grooms voice as he says his vows. A photographer will never capture the humor in your best mans speech or the sway of your first dance. There are indescribable moments that happen during the beautiful whirlwind of your wedding day, that will inevitably be lost forever without a video clip to take you back to that exact moment time and time again. Now you might argue that your parents had their wedding ceremony filmed and they haven’t pulled their dusty VCR out in 20 years….I know this is the case for my parents. But this is exactly why the new trend is to get a wedding highlight film, because while you may never take the time to watch the full 4 hours of footage that encompass the entirety of your wedding ceremony/reception experience, I can almost guarantee that you will find countless moments to watch and re-watch a highlight film. This type of video is one that ranges anywhere from 5-15 minutes and will capture literally just the “highlights” of your day- the getting ready process, the first look, the walk down the aisle, your first kiss as husband and wife, the first dance and the toasts, etc. It is essentially 5-15 minutes of your favorite memories from the best day of your life. Who wouldn’t want that??? So now is the moment that I extend a huge shout out to our go-to videographer as wedding planners. This guy knows his stuff, and I have never had a bride regret her decision to spend the extra money to have him beautifully tie up her gorgeous wedding with a bow, and hand it back to her in 5 minutes of visual heaven. Let me introduce you to Denver Nathan Visuals, a Seattle based videographer who has traveled all over the west coast perfecting his skill and making brides dreams come true. Check him out at denvernathan.com or follow the link to his Vimeo attached below. Seriously do it. What are you waiting for?



Heather Miller | Associate Planner + Assistant