2015 Snohomish Wedding Tour

Attention All Brides!!! Whether you’re getting married this summer, next summer or the summer after that, the Snohomish Wedding Tour (May 31st from 10am-5pm) is an event you won’t want to miss. Consider yourself personally invited by the Alyssa Hoffman Event team, and grab your mom, sister, best friend or fiancé and head on over to the link (at the end of my rant) to purchase your 5 DOLLAR ticket!!! Can I hear someone say 5 dollars??? Believe me, for an inside look into this wedding seasons top trends…this is a steal of a deal!!
-End rant- http://www.mysnohomishwedding.com/purchase-tour-tickets/ purchase

Now for a shameless plug at the two venues we are personally participating at-

Craven Farm-
You may have visited Craven Farm this last fall for your family pumpkin picking extravaganza- but Craven Farm is also an incredibly established wedding venue! With stunning landscaping and a beautiful barn, this is a must- see venue. This year Alyssa Hoffman Events is transforming Craven Farm into a French Countryside inspired wedding. You’ll find cascading florals and intricate table scapes. Lavender macarons and chalk art calligraphy. It’s a fresh take on a classic theme- whimsical and organic. Check out our design board below.

Craven Farms Design Board-3 copy 2

Maroni Meadows
If you want your guests to experience a private whimsical escape at your wedding, there is no doubt you must visit Maroni Meadows during the Snohomish Wedding Tour. The venue features lush gardens surrounded by enchanting forests. Alyssa Hoffman events will be transforming this already beautiful venue into a colorful farmers market inspired wedding. You’ll find new and inventive twists on classic floral arrangements and a bounty of unique ideas. This too is a must-see.

Maroni Meadows 2015 Design Board copy

We are so excited for the tour, and truly hope to meet you at one of these amazing venues! Happy Planning!!

Xo Heather

Wedding Hair Trends For Summer 2015

Since we covered whether or not you need a makeup artist in my last blog post, I thought it would be fun to touch on wedding hair trends we’re seeing for Summer 2015. To help me out, I contacted Hannah of Urbanista Weddings, check out what she had to say!

B. Jones Photography www.bjonesphotos.com

What hair trends are you seeing this year for weddings that are different than last year?

This year we are seeing a lot more braids, then last year, and a more understated glam. The messy, side bun is going far far away, and brides are leaning toward a more effortless look. It’s what I like to call ‘Messy on purpose’. As for makeup, we get a lot of requests for a soft, defined eye and a natural lip color, with a high demand for peachy pinks and bronzed nudes. Last year, we did a lot of really sharp eye makeup, with an emphasis on black shadow and liner.  
wedding-hair-trends-summer-2015-adornmentsAre there any trends from last year that are still going strong this year?
We are still styling a lot of low updos and adding hair adornments. Texture is a huge request for the majority of hairstyles whether it’s up, down or half up. Boho makeup and hair is still amongst the favorites and of course, our specialty. 

Do you have any suggestions for a bride who’s trying to determine if she should wear her hair up or down?
The very first thing we do when consulting with a Bride, is to have them create a beauty inspiration board on Pinterest. That gives us a thorough wedding-makeup-tends-bronzy-neutralsidea of what they are attracted to. The next things we want to know is what the dress looks like, the colors of her bouquet and the location of her wedding. All of those details will help decide what her style is. The final thing we determine is her face shape,hair texture and length, and if she is comfortable with having her hair up or down. Some Brides have a tendency to fiddle with their hair a lot, which could cause the style to relax a bit. There are so many factors that go into planning a hairstyle, which is why we recommend having a trial run before hand. 

Urbanista Weddings is a team of 8 Artists and Stylists, that travel to each Client for their special Occasions. Although they (Urbanista) have a storefront in Seattle, they like to make the getting ready process convenient and easy on the Bride’s wedding day. With a collective talent of magazine publications and website features, their artists have also worked on films, productions, music videos, fashion shows, and pride themselves on their charity work, donating their time and talents to benefit good causes.
Staying up to date on trends and technique,  Urbanista Weddings is a leading, high end makeup and hair company that can accommodate any beauty needs and services.

Jenna Bechtholt Photography

One of the biggest decisions to be made during the wedding planning process surrounds the photographer. Lucky for you, we have had the pleasure of getting to know Jenna Bechtholt this wedding season. Newly relocated from Los Angeles, she is a fresh pair of eyes for our Seattle area and she might be exactly the photographer you are looking for. She produces spectacular work while maintaining such a cool and calm air about her. Let’s be honest- she’s the type of photographer you just want to go to coffee and hang out with, even after all the wedding checks have been signed and deposited…yeah she’s that good 😉 Take a peak at the interview we had together and then follow the link at the end of the interview to view her full website!

Have a happy weekend xo


How did you get into photography?

I have always loved photography. There is something so honest and wonderful about being able to freeze a moment in time. Growing up I would carry around a disposable camera with me and document my friends, the places that I went and things that I wanted to remember. Looking back at those photos now I am so glad that I did because those little memories mean so much to me now! I ended up graduating from college and was on my way to graduate school when I decided I was tired of reading about abstract thoughts and people doing things — I wanted to be the one doing things! The creative side of me was really egging me on to get back into photography. I ended up falling in love with weddings and the rest is history.

How would you describe your photography style?

I like to take a simple and relaxed approach to photographing weddings as well as lifestyle sessions. I’m not there to direct and create perfectly staged pictures, rather I choose to document the day as it naturally unfolds and capture the special moments and details present. I would also say that I specialize in natural light photography meaning that I prefer to use the light of the day when photographing my couples! In my opinion, natural light is the best way to give images a bright and dreamy aesthetic, which is the look and feel I aim to achieve, and when you add a bit of romance to that combination you get a stunning end result!

What’s your favorite part about being a wedding photographer? 

The best part of my job is getting the chance to meet so many happy couples and learn all about their unique relationship — how they met, where they fell in love, how he popped the question, and the list goes on. I particularly love that these people start off as strangers and quickly become my friends and that they allow me to be apart of such a special time in their lives.


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