Understanding your wedding style: Part 1

Finding a style of wedding that suits you is not always the easiest thing to do. I am going to walk you through the three layers of design for your wedding day; overall style or theme, the sub style, and the details.

When working with a couple I find that most have found their inspiration from Pinterest or bridal magazines and they should be just that, inspirations, a starting off point to help you create a unique wedding day about you. Just like no two people are the same, no two weddings should be the same. I have always believed that the biggest and most important compliment you can receive on your wedding day is that it is “so you”. That is what I am here to help you learn and understand so that you can find that balance of your inspiration images and your actual wedding day.

The overall Style/ Theme

There are so many styles out there that we could talk about, but just to list a few biggies we have:

 Rustic – This is the idea of having raw and unfinished materials for your décor.

Vintage – This a word simply used to describe things that are of a different time or era.

Classic – Something that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

Modern – Something that is current and of the now. Also associated with clean and simple design.

Industrial – Is associated with raw exposed materials (open pipes, metal, unfinished wood). Unlike rustic, industrial has a clean smooth feel to it.

Nautical – Lends itself to the idea of being near the water, sand, shells, blue and white stripes are all things typically associated with it.

Off Beat – The idea of the off beat style wedding is simply that the couple chooses to break the mold of anything done before, colored wedding dress, unique wedding location, etc.

Then you have the specific themes; tea party, Gatsby, 1950’s, just to name a few and of course the novelty themes but I am not going to get into those.

I am going to start this off by saying if you and your significant other naturally like a more traditional/ classic style don’t try to design a contemporary wedding. Just because you saw an image of a wedding that you fell in love with does not mean that it will suit you. It is a great thing to have an appreciation for all styles but I can assure you that if you try to completely break your style you will be pulling your hair because it will not feel natural.

If you are someone that wants to fuse and find a balance in two differing styles, I applaud you. Luckily in the world that we live in today this is something that is widely done and 99.9% of the time you will come out with a design that is 100% you. A few common and current combos are the modern-vintage weddings and classic-rustic weddings. But let me remind all of you that modern is not a style in it self, it is a word used to describe what is present and current, however it is also associated with clean, and simple design. So the idea of vintage-modern wedding is taking some old or antique items and strategically using them with things that are new to create a balance of old and new. If you are going to try this I urge you to do your research and find some items that are actually old or antiques, mason jars are not going to make your wedding feel vintage. A great way to achieve a classic-rustic wedding is by finding a rustic venue and using classic/timeless décor.

At the end of the day you must stay true to yourself. When I planned my own wedding I thought I wanted a contemporary/modern wedding and it turned into a classic and feminine day with a stunning rustic backdrop. If I had stayed with my instincts I would not have been in love with the final product. Do not let those around you, or what is popular, influence your choice. Be proud of who you are and what your style is!

Stay Fabulyss!


Alyssa Hoffman | Owner – Planner – Designer

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Alyssa Hoffman Events is OFFICIALLY launched!

I am beyond excited to announce the launch of Alyssa Hoffman Event Design and Coordination! We are a Seattle-based event planning company specializing in custom designed weddings unique to each and every client.

Along with the launch of Alyssa Hoffman Events comes the launch of my blog! I am so excited to share tips, ideas, and stories with all of you. I am giving you a fair warning that all of my posts may not be 100% wedding and event related as I have a passion for interior design as well!

We are offer three different packagees (Day of Coordination, Day of Coordination with Design, and Full Wedding Design and Coordination) as well as a la carte options. Feel free to check them out in detail on our services page and contact us at ah@alyssahoffmanevents.com to schedule your complimentary consultation!

l cannot wait for all of you to take this journey with me as I take the giant leap into the world of business owners and Seattle wedding planning!

Here is a little snippet about me (Alyssa). You can also check out my Planner Profile.


I love my hubby Aaron more than words can explain, I have a passion for design and DIY projects that cannot be controlled. Cooking is one of my biggest outlets and my table is always open to friends. I have a huge family that I am beyond grateful for, and friends that I hold  close to my heart.


I fell in love with weddings while planning my own in April of 2012. I was finishing my BA in interior design when I realized I would not be able to stop. It was something that mixed my passion for design and people into a career that most only dream about.


After my realization that I was going to be in event planning no matter what, I contacted Rebecca with New Creations Wedding Design and Coordination who had been my day of coordinator and asked if she would train me in the world of Seattle Wedding Planning. And so she did. I spent one year as her assistant and the next year as an associate wedding planner for her company. I am very grateful for the training I received with her, and hope that one day I can do the same for someone who falls in love with this career as much as I have.

My degree in interior design gives me a great perspective on how a room should be laid out and unique ways to make use of the space. I try to see every venue as a canvas that needs to be made into art.


I love the details, the simple details that make the wedding unique to a couple. I believe that the most important thing is that no one should be able to take your place on your wedding day. My goal with every couple is to break the mold a little bit and do something that only they would do or want. I will be the first to admit that it is not always the easiest thing to do but we get there eventually.